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Smashing Pumpkins Boots

A lot of SP Boots for sale!

THE CHELSEA CD IS FOR TRADE ONLY traders who like this band are awesome!

This isn't working, so I made a webpage. please click here:

I swear I'm not a total bitch. Just please read all the info if you are interested in these cds. I appreciate it like I appriciate my customers and fellow SP fans.

Before giving offers, READ THE LJ CUTS BELOW. If you ask a question that I have already answered, I am not answering it again. No offense, but I put a lot of time into this, and I continue to.

(MAKE OFFERS ON MY JOURNAL, WITH YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS) I can't accept anything below 13 dollars. Shipping is 1.99 domestic . Ask about international shipping for a price quote. Paypal, money orders, cashiers checks and carefully concealed cash accepted. NO PERSONAL CHECKS PLEASE

Before flaming this post, see all the info. Its the same as selling your ticket to a friend for face value plus 4 bucks for the trouble of seeking them out to deliver it. Which I have been thankful to someone for doing for me (at tramps, 4-14-99!)
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